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6-Week Basic Driver Training - CDL A
Anchorage Only
This course is training to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for new entry level drivers getting their commercial driver license, CDL A. It extensively guides students through basic operation, safe operating practices, advanced operating practices, vehicle systems and reporting malfunctions, non-driving activities, trip planning, and hours of service.

Students take the road skills exam in the same equipment used throughout the course.

Also included in this course is training in: 
(Certificate is received for each)
  • First Aid/CPR/AED      
  • DOT Regulations (49 CFR 172.704)
  • Forklift

Each successful student receives a CDL A with double/triple trailer, tank vehicle, and hazardous material endorsements, along with certificate of attainment.

Prerequisites: Age 18 (intrastate license only), Age 21 (interstate license), social security card, DOT Medical Examiners Certificate, DOT drug test, a drivers license for a minimum 1 year, and meet driver record eligibility requirements.

To successfully complete this program and earn a certificate of attainment; individuals must meet all of the Entry-Level Driver Training requirements which includes an overall minimum score of 80% on theory assessments and demonstrate proficiency in the hands-on commercial driver behind-the-wheel training and pass final road skills exam.
Commercial Truck Driving Courses
Our longer CDL A Truck Driving Course is designed for individuals looking to make a professional career as a commercial driver. This instructor led classroom and hands-on course offers preparation for obtaining your Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) and includes pre-trip and extensive vehicle systems, safety, and road skills testing.
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"Six weeks is a ton of information but now I know it can be done. Thank you to the instructors for your patience!"
Tuition: $10,000 includes road skills exam.

Book Fees: $75.00 

DOT Substance Test: $70.00

DMV Fees: $135.00 (includes Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) IA $15 & Commercial Driver License (CDL) fee $120.) If you are upgrading from a CDL C or B to a CDL A, the License Fee is only $35.

HME Threat Assessment (fingerprinting) Fee: $86.50

$500.00 deposit is required to enroll in the 6-week course.
Deposit will be applied to tuition and fees. In the event of cancellation, all fees will be deducted prior to any refund.
See CEE Catalog for details.

Commercial Learners Permits (CLP) must be held for 14 days after date of issuance before road skills exam can be performed.

If you are applying for the 6-Week Basic Driver Training - CDL A, you must complete and submit the online application and  questionnaire form.

Additional costs for all driver training courses: DOT Physical and DMV Lifetime Driver History.

CEE does not provide room and board or job placement.

For payment and cancellation policies, follow this Link
Minimum Qualifications
6-Week Basic Driver Training 
CDL A schedule
Note: This course is currently only offered in Anchorage

Alaska Teamster
Pre-Apprenticeship Course
Registration Deadline 
6/1/23, 7/1/23 & 9/1/23

Training Dates
July 24 - September 1
September 5 - October 18
November 6 - December 15

To enroll you must submit a complete application and questionnaire, provide a copy of Alaska Driver License, DMV Lifetime Driver History, and verification of funding.

Enrolled applicants will be subject to DOT Medical Exam & Substance Screening at your cost prior to final acceptance.
This 6-wk Basic Driver CDL A course is recognized by the Alaska Commission on Post Secondary Education (ACPE) for the Alaska Supplemental Education Loan.

You can contact ACPE directly at or 
This is not a FAFSA program. Skip that portion of the application process.

Additional information for funding can be found on our page financial aid