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Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) Regulations
In order to test for a commercial driver license, an individual must obtain a Commercial Learners Permit (CLP).
  • CLP's must be held for 14 days after the date of issue before road skills exam can be performed.
  • CLP's must have all endorsements and/or restrictions for the class of CMV to be trained/tested for.
  • Any existing CDL holder that is upgrading the classification of CMV or adding an endorsement requiring a road test must obtain an appropriate CLP and hold for 14 days prior to testing. Example: Class A CDL holder wanting to add a passenger endorsement must get an CLP with P endorsement and P restriction.
  • No longer is a placarded vehicle allowed to be used for commercial vehicle training or testing with a CLP holder.
  • CLP's are issued for 180 days, upon expiration can be renewed once for an additional 180 days.

For more information refer to the State of Alaska DMV website LINK>
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How do I know which class of license I need to drive a commercial truck?
Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL) are categorized in several types, to get your commercial license you need to know which type you will operate. For a list of license classifications, endorsements, and restrictions to aid you to identify which license you need, click here for the DMV website LINK>
Is the vehicle going to be carrying hazardous material that are required to be placarded under hazardous material regulations in 49 CFR Part 172, Subpart F?
If so, a commercial driver license is required with the Hazmat Endorsement.
A holder of a Class A, Class B or Class C CDL may have a Hazmat Endorsement.

In addition to the normal requirements for a CDL, you will need a background records check before a hazardous materials endorsement (HME) can be issued.

For more information refer to the State of Alaska DMV Hazardous Materials webpage LINK>
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Center for Employment Education - Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which class of license I need for carrying passengers?
If the vehicle is designed to carry 16 or more people including the driver, a commercial driver license with a (P) Passenger endorsement is required.
  • If the GVWR of the vehicle is over 26,000 lbs, a Class B CDL is required.
  • If the GVWR is 26,000 lbs or less, a Class C CDL is required.
What tests do I need to take for the correct license class?
First you need to decide which license you want to obtain; Class A, B, or C.
Once you have determined the class then you will need to take the "written" test at DMV according to the class you have chosen. You must score an 80% to pass.

Class A - For this class of license you will need to take three (3) tests: General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination.
Class B - For this class of license you will need to take two (2) tests: General Knowledge and Air Brakes.
Class C - For this class of license you will need to take two (2) tests: General Knowledge and either the Hazardous Materials or Passenger endorsements.

Once you have passed the tests necessary for your class of license, DMV will issue you a Commercial Learners Permit (CLP) with applicable endorsements/restrictions. The CLP must be held for 14 days after the date of issuance before a road skills exam can be performed.
What documents do I need to bring with me for training or testing at CEE?
After completing our application we will need the following documentation:
  • Valid Alaska Driver License
  • Your Commercial Learners Permit: IA, IB or IC with appropriate endorsement/restrictions
  • Current DOT Medical Examiners Certificate (DOT Physical)

If testing with your own vehicle we will also need:
  • Current Insurance card for vehicle and trailer
  • Current Registration for vehicle and trailer
  • The vehicle and trailer are required to be in good working condition and road worthy.

Although you may provide these at the time of scheduling, you must also have them with you throughout your training and testing. Without these documents or a proper working vehicle you will not be able to train or test.
Am I required to have a DOT Medical Examiners Certificate (DOT Physical)?
Federal regulations require all commercial drivers participating in interstate commerce to complete a medical exam and be issue a Medical Examiners Certificate.

You cannot drive a commercial vehicle and conduct interstate commerce without a valid Medical Examiners Certificate.
For more information go to Medical Card Requirement LINK>
To find a medical provider near you, check the National Registry.
What type of clothing should I wear for training?
Students are expected to dress appropriately for the industry and treat the training as if going to work.
All clothing should be neat, clean and presentable.  No torn, loose, frayed or ripped clothing.
Depending on the time of year and weather the following is recommended: Rain or winter gear, coveralls, gloves, work pants, work shirt, work boots (steel toe is not required and composite toe is recommended).
Opened toed shoes are not allowed in driver training courses.
When can I renew my commercial driver license?
You can renew your license 364 days before your actual renewal date and still keep the same renewal cycle.  This way you can renew you license when it is convenient, especially when hazardous materials background checks are required.
Commercial Driver License (CDL): Regulations and Requirement FAQ's
State of Alaska - DMV Website

DMV has posted information to help you prepare and apply for your Alaska Commercial Driver's License (CDL).
Information on laws at the local, state, and federal level for requirements, qualifications, Commercial Learners Permits, Classification of License you are seeking, and transferring a license from another State.
State of Alaska DMV